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You are about to leave the SSVC webpage to search our on-line reservation host's page. It is currently not operating as we would like. However, it may provide you with useful availability information. Please at any time to inquire about, or make a booking.

How the reservation search functions

A. The Availability Calendar indicates when at least one of our 69 sites is available. Scroll below to see the names of each (available-delete word) site. (The red lettered link to the right of any site on the list does not filter & search for that site, it only goes back for a full search.) Add dates to narrow the list of sites available.

B. The red [show prices] button is the search button. Scroll down the search results to see a list of available sites for the dates you entered.

C. To apply a filter to the Availability Calendar that searches a single specific site or grouping; look for the button and drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the calendar box.

Give it a try! Or, email us directly to arrange a booking now:

Interested in more then 3 or 4 nights?

We will be glad to have you for a week or more! A programming error limits the number of nights the calendar will accept. Please email us, we will override that glitch and arrange your booking.

Credit card information?

The website requires you to enter a credit card to authenticate/secure the booking. However, your card will not be charged. Upon submitting a reservation, SSVC will contact you to make payment arrangements.

Thank you for your patience as we embark on this new reservation web site host. Again, feel free to email anytime or call to leave a message.

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